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The undisputed kings of the ’90s line dancing craze, Brooks & Dunn are not only the biggest selling duo in country music history, they have also sold more records than any other duo in any genre, including Simon & Garfunkel. Ronnie Dunn was the quietly intense singer with the soulful voice, while Kix Brooks played the part of the high energy showman. Neither had been able to break through as a solo act, but together they hit upon a winning formula of rowdy, rocked up honkytonk tracks with punchy, danceable beats, alternated with silky smooth, pop tinged ballads. The combination made them one of the most popular country acts of the ’90s, and they were still going strong as the new millennium dawned.

When Brooks & Dunn decided to hang up their hats in 2010 after a successful 20 year career on the road, it left a big void in the hearts of their fans. In 2011 the concept arose to form a tribute act that would rival the duo’s touring road show and live sound, and Neon Circus was born. Named after the 2002 tour, Brooks & Dunn’s Neon Circus and Wild West Show, Neon Circus has been successful in continuing the legacy of the country music icons with the help of RK Ford (Ronnie Dunn) and Tim Johnson (Kix Brooks). Currently touring the U.S. as a headlining act in casino showrooms and theaters, and at festivals, fairs, clubs and private functions, Neon Circus has accurately recreated Brooks & Dunn’s exciting live show down to the last detail, performing hit country anthems like My Maria, Neon Moon, and Boot Scootin’ Boogie, to the delight of millions of country music lovers. Thanks to Neon Circus, the cowboy legends live on.

NEON CIRCUS is the authentic Brooks & Dunn tribute band performing nationally and internationally. Delivering the ultra high-energy show Brooks & Dunn were famous for. This highly acclaimed tribute to Brooks & Dunn has won the praise of Brooks & Dunn fans all over the world!

Neon Circus - Circus Vision

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